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For those who demand the very best of veterinary care for their dogs, cats, and exotic pets

St. Francis Animal & Bird Hospital has been caring for pets and their people since 1992. Centrally located in Roseville, Minnesota, we serve clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area whose love and dedication to their pets make them demand the very best of veterinary medical care.

Staffed exclusively by animal lovers who understand that pets are family members, we have a fundamental commitment to compassionate care for patients and exceptional education for our clients. Each of our experienced and highly trained staff members is devoted to helping you make careful and informed medical decisions that are right for you and your pet.

In addition to focusing on preventative care, we offer state-of-the-art medicine and surgery, radiography, ultrasonography, dentistry, in-house pharmacy, laboratory services, and animal hospice/palliative care. We regularly treat dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and rodents. We understand the importance of the special bond that you share with your pets no matter what their size or shape.

Above all, we specialize in relationships. We serve as an extension of our clients’ families, creating unique relationships with each individual, providing an environment of mutual trust and respect, and providing outstanding care for our patients as if they were our own family members. Whatever unique role your pets may play in your life, we are dedicated to helping you care for them.


Tick-Borne Diseases: New Test in 2016

Minnesota has a high prevalence of tick-borne diseases including Lyme, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis.  In fact, in Ramsey County alone, 1 in 14 dogs tested positive for Lyme disease and 1 in 22 dogs tested positive for Anaplasmosis in 2015.  (For additional information about the prevalence of these diseases, please visit the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) to review the prevalence maps for your county.) Due to the high prevalence of these diseases in our area, we are recommending tick-borne disease screening for all dogs, not just those showing clinical signs of disease, along with the annual heartworm test.  The 4Dx test evaluates your dog for heartworm disease, Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma.   a)...